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The Better Question - What can I do to make this world a better place?

When the year begins you are often asked, “Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?” You may ask, “What workout routine can I start, or what diet should I embrace?” This year, take care of yourself of course, and also consider turning your focus outward and asking “What can I do to make this world a better place?”

This better question reminded me of the charitable spirit and holiday goodwill I had witnessed recently in a Facebook posting by Vivian Zirk, our IT Specialist at Filer Insurance. I was so moved by what I saw that I had to learn more about the story behind the posting. I learned an inspiring story about the power of kindness and goodwill – prompted by asking the better question “How can I help to make the world a better place?” Here is Vivian’s story…

Earlier this year I began downsizing through gifting items on my local “Buy Nothing” community group on Facebook. In November I offered to help a young mom with two girls, who had recently left a domestic abuse situation with nothing but the clothes on their backs. At the time the girls were sleeping in sleeping bags atop of air mattresses, and the mom was sleeping on the floor. I felt drawn to help them all get the fresh start that they deserved. Together we successfully secured loft style bunk beds (for the girls) and a sofa sleeper (for the mom). Along with Jennifer Schmidt a friend, neighbor and CDF customer we bought complete bedding and pillows for the family. When delivering the bedding I asked for a list of what else was needed. Fellow CDF agents, Paul and Patricia St Clair, donated a kitchen table, chairs and dishes. Shari Lofquist donated a bag of groceries and cleaning supplies, and David Emmons donated T-shirts. We weren’t finished yet and with the holidays quickly approaching I knew that this family needed more. So, I posted on Facebook and asked who would be willing to help me brighten this family’s holidays? Twenty seven people responded including co-workers Denise Baker, Laura Steffen, Crystal Nelson & Patricia St Clair, retired co-worker Tricia Caldwell, another friend and CDF customer Sue Bragg, along with other family and friends. On December 5, 2015 we had a gift wrapping party and that afternoon delivered gifts to the family, filling my full sized SUV. “With the combined efforts of a few people, we were able to make a huge impact on a family in need, and what a joy that brought to all.”

Lastly, the greatest part of all of this was the New Years text message that I received from this family: "I am still amazed by the generosity of you and all of the people who donated to the girls, me and our fresh start. I have a full working kitchen and so many goodies! I'm sooo grateful! It's been so awesome to have the girls see the good in people. It's been a rocky road for the person that their supposed to feel safest with but it's a huge comfort to them to know so many people care, even people who don't know them. It's going to set them up for a life in perspective of goodness and generosity. We used to be the givers, now they see the impact first hand!"

I hope that you find Vivian’s story as inspiring as I did. She is a great example of how, by asking ourselves how we can make the world a better world, we discover opportunities to help right here in our communities.

Our agency is filled with people who are involved in their communities and I look forward to what we will do in 2016. I encourage you to join us in our efforts as we continue to look for opportunities to further our reach and impact. If you have a suggestion of how Filer Insurance and our clients can become involved in your community, please contact me: ljensen [at] filerinsurance [dot] com.

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