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How Cyber Liability Can Protect Your Business

As a business owner, you may have learned the hard way that computer security and data breaches are not just a risk for giant multinationals or government agencies.  Online malware (Trojans, worms, viruses), spam, and phishing may present a disastrous breach of your security.  Also, lost or stolen equipment can mean the exposure of customer information at a cost from which you may never fully recover. 

Because we understand the risks associated with electronic devices and online data, Filer Insurance offers data breach and cyber insurance, that can be part of a package or general liability policy.  This coverage provides a critical layer of protection for you and your business.  

Comprehensive Coverage Protects Your Business

Our agency provides policies to cover expenses resulting from a personal data breach at your company, including costs to:

  • Notify affected individuals that their personally identifiable information has been compromised
  • Contract with computer forensic experts to determine the existence, origin, and extent of a privacy breach
  • Retain a public relations or crisis management firm to control potential adverse media and reputational attention
  • Provide identity theft restoration services for individuals whose identity may have been misappropriated
  • Cover fines and penalties (where insurable by law) when levied against the insured by a government entity or the Payment Card Industry (PCI) due to breach of privacy regulation 

Should your business experience a computer attach or data breach, including online malware, denial of service, or an unauthorized person gaining access to your computer system, we can provide coverage to:

  • Restore or re-create your data and/or systems damaged, lost, or corrupted by a computer attack
  • Replace lost business income
  • Resolve an extortion or ransom demand from someone threatening you computer network, including costs to hire a negotiator

 A cyber policy can protect your business against legal action by an affected individual or organization, including expenses resulting from:

  • Investigation, defense, and appeal of actions
  • Damages, judgments, or settlements to affected individuals for breach of personal information or to organizations for breach of sensitive or confidential business information
  • Defense costs added to that part of any judgment paid by a cyber policy when such defense costs are awarded by law or court order.  

Contact one of our agents to learn more about adding this important protection to your existing policy. We can answer your questions, provide more information, and quickly quote this important coverage for your business.

*Content for this blog was provided by Liberty Mutual Insurance.