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The Healthy Challenge Is Back With A New Spin!

Now is a great time to incorporate healthy goals into our at-home lives. Our agency hosts a Healthy Challenge bi-annually that is built around building better habits to promote wellness for our employees. This time around we have created a new BINGO board that we are excited to share. 

We encourage our clients and community to engage in the BINGO Healthy Challenge along with us this month!

The Healthy Challenge History

The Healthy Challenge was created by Peggy Filer, a health education teacher at Cedarcrest High School. She uses it to encourage her students to develop healthier habits.  Her husband, Bill Filer, introduced the Healthy Challenge to our agency and we have continued this tradition every May and October.

Goal Challenge

The traditional Healthy Challenge consists of setting individual goals and tracking progress daily/weekly. Examples: Drink eight cups of water a day, get heart rate up once a day, Zoom call a family member once a week, etc.  It is very important to set SMART goals which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

BINGO Challenge – New in 2020!

Using the game card, get a BINGO(s) by the end of the month, or complete the entire card if you are feeling especially energetic. We have created an incentive to win recognition and prizes within our agency and encourage you to do the same with your family, friends and/or co-workers.

Health Buddies

We encourage you to find a health buddy to check in with and keep you accountable throughout the week.  Since we are all working from home, we have been checking in with each other over a group chat where we share progress and ideas, encourage our health buddies, share recipes, and stay connected.  

Our Health Insurance Team is here to Help!

There is a comfort in being covered. We have a Health Department who is able to assist individuals, families, and businesses find health insurance. If you or anyone you know needs health insurance, please to reach out to our health department team at HealthDept [at] filerinsurance [dot] com as we are happy to assist.  And, if you are interested in receiving a copy our Healthy Challenge Bingo Sheet send an e-mail to mnitardy [at] filerinsurance [dot] com

Thank you and the challenge starts now!