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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Tips for protecting your car when it is parked outside

If you have a garage, use it - and not just for bikes, paint and tools. Keep your car in it. Your car will look better longer, and that could mean more money for you at sale or trade in time. And some items may need...

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Are You Working With a Personal Insurance Agent? Learn The Benefits.

When it comes to buying insurance, you can purchase it online yourself through a well-known insurance carrier, a captive agent or you can buy it through a local insurance agency. When you buy it online yourself, you may...

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Seeking More Auto Insurance Discounts? Consider Telematics.

Many insurance carriers offer telematics for an auto insurance discount. If you are seeking out additional auto insurance discounts to lower your monthly or annual premium, talk to your insurance agent to see if your...

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Swimming Safety: 10 Tips for Summer

Summer is here and people are flocking to the water - whether it’s the beach, a lake, a river or a backyard pool. But, wherever there’s water, there’s also danger. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and...

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